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I am a Greece based Dutch collage (and some assemblage) artist. Collage is the medium I am passionate about when I want to visualize my imaginary world. I create paper story scenes, like still movie frames, re-assembling and positioning the paper into several variations on a theme until my story will find a final, glued scene. I don’t work in one particular style due to the fact I use new and old paper from any imaginable source. Also my mood, inspiration, feeling or instant need to express something is decisive for that particular collage. The strength I see in a piece of paper is more important to me than its source (random or from my own collection, still a surprise opening the drawers…) or its age. I am inspired by the ads in 1950’s and ’60 magazines, old photos, maps and cars (Cadillacs), contemporary art museums, my daughter who is a fashion designer and anything I pick up while travelling.


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